November 3k on the Green

For the first time in my memory we had miserable weather for the 3k on the Green. I’d been following the weather forecast for much of this week and it proved to be pretty accurate, cold and wet from registration through to the finish.

So I was truly surprised to see so many at registration, including around a dozen running the 3k for the first time.

The soggy registration sheets made it back to work and inputing the results. Due to the rain the race numbers for many of our entrants never survived the race and they either crossed the line with mangled numbers we weren’t able to read or only safety pins hanging from dripping t shirts or vests. Never mind I thought, we’ll manage to identify some of the runners without numbers from the video of the finish!

Unfortunately my Ipad was in photo mode when I hit the button to start, rather than film mode, so all I had to look at when I hit play was a single photo of the finish line!

So you’ll see quite a few blanks in the results. We did capture times for all finishers, so if you know its you thats missing please let us know ( and we’ll fill in the blanks. Sorry for that, and also to the conscripted volunteer who stood there for 10 mins cold and wet thinking he was filming the finish!

Anyway the end of 3k on the Green for what has been a momentous 2015 for the event. We broke the 100 entrants barrier in style and are getting 70-80 runners regularly, even 79 today. You’ve also paid £1,928 in entry fees, so when doubled by Clydesdale Bank, thats almost £4k for charity.

Thanks again to all who’ve taken part through the year and also to all who have helped me in making this simple event work simply each month.

See you in 2016