Feb 2016 3K

Thanks again to all 87 3k runners today, the day before the National Cross Country for many. After last months pretty wild day it was a perfect running day today.

The yellow theme (sorry I was late advising of this) was based on the fact that my employer, Clydesdale Bank, rather than just matching all we raise for Hospice UK was double matching when events are matched on a yellow theme, and special thanks to our race winners Peter and Jenny for both being in yellow – it wasn’t a fix.

I also have to mention the Kilmarnock Harrier (my own Club) runners who took part today, Robert Lindsay, Gordon Reid and Mark Alexander, all finishing in the top 10 and within 10 seconds of each other, along with Stephanie Hewitt.

As I mentioned as the last Friday of March is Good Friday, the March 3k on the Green will in fact be on Friday 1st April.

PS – Don’t forget to enter Roon the Toon 10k on 12th June – probably the best 10k in Kilmarnock.